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Detail About How To Apply

If you would like to study in the university in the heart of the city that focus on changing the world for better tomorrow, you're choosing the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant

We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community with a full range of backgrounds. If you would like to study in Alhamd.

AES Central Library

Alhamd University Libraries aim to encourage and support both academic and research activities of university students, researchers, faculty members and university staff.

Alhamd Research

Our faculty conduct world-class research, scholarship, and creative work that's recognized across the nation and around the world. We've put a major organization focus on research.

Alhamd Scholarships

Alhamd students receive financial aid, such as grants, scholarships, or work-study employment. To assist with the financial aid, Alhamd has a team available to help needy students.

University Life

University Life is committed to student growth and success in everything students do and resources to help them succeed with offering activities that instill a sense of belonging.

The Application Process


Admission Office

Admission Office announces the admission, manages inquiries along with documents collection.


Admission Test

Selection Committee takes the admission test on the date announced in newspaper and website.


Interviewing Process

Selection Committee conducts interviews along with verification of documents and admission form submitted.


Results Announcements

After results compilation results are announced on website, social media and university notice board.


Recommended Students

Finance department issues the fee voucher to the recommended students only with necessary information.


Classes Commencement

Registration department registers the students and then academic announces schedule for the classes.

Things To Know First

The Admission Form is required for students applying to any or all of AIU's degree. You’ll be able to choose your campus and programs that you are interested.

You will need :

  • Contact our counselor or university representative who will review Application Form and Submit.
  • Students are directed to bring two sets of all documents attest, two cnic/ passport copies and six photographs.
  • Nonrefundable 1000 Rs application fee. Students who are unable to pay the application fee can request a fee waiver.

When To Apply?

Sessions Application Announcement Application Deadline
Spring February 1 April
Fall July 1 September

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents will be submitted at admission offices of Quetta/ Islamabad Campuses. Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to:

Shahpur Barakhu, Islamabad
Airport Road, Quetta
UAN: 03 111 444 237